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Anything and everything you didn’t know you needed.
If you don’t see it, just ask, it’s hiding here somewhere…

History of the History:
Ivory Moore is the proprietor of Hobo Chic and to dub it a labor of love would be oh so very cliché but oh so very apropos. For her boyfriend, whom she loves very much, is a little bit Hobo and a little bit Chic, and had a collection of collections far too large for two. So, an inventory was born!! Thirty years worth of her domestic partner’s hoarding is for sale!!
But really, it’s not all his fault. Their “real” jobs require hours upon hours upon hours of driving for miles and miles and miles up and down and back and forth across the Country’s side. And on their gypsy ventures, to mix a little pleasure with business, plisness or bleasure, what have you, they go rummaging, hunting and, yep, you guessed it, collecting! Sometimes their Chic station wagon comes home looking awfully Hobo as the back is brimming with treasure and the roof is strapped with goods.
They aim for the unusual and unusual, on the Main Street, in the Delaware Water Gap, you shall find.Curious?